To the website of Chris Pearce; doctor, academic, and health informatician. With skills in policy development, corporate governance and work in a variety of environments, Chris integrates knowledge over many fields.

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Recent activities:

Conference Presentation: March 2015. 8th Primary Mental Health Care Conference, Canberra. Keynote. Improving Patient care and nursing engagement - when will ‘ehealth’ become ‘health’.

Most recently published papers:

  1.   Pearce C, Veil K, Williams P, Cording A, Liaw ST, Grain H. Driving the Profession of Health Informatics: The Australasian College of Health Informatics. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2015;216:458-61

  2.   Liaw ST, Pearce C, Liyanage H, Liaw GS, de Lusignan S. An integrated organisation-wide data quality management and information governance framework: theoretical underpinnings. Informatics in primary care. 2014;21(4):199-206

  3.   Phillips CB, Dwan K, Hepworth J, Pearce C, Hall S. Using qualitative mixed methods to study small health care organizations while maximising trustworthiness and authenticity. BMC Health Serv Res. 2014;14:559.